Make Zombies Great Again!

The Grand Lottery

Anything you want to talk about.
Hello People .
As some of you may know i am reaching 750 hours of playtime .
And same as at 250 and 500 i will make giveaway .
Questions , Lotteries etc .
What is Grand Lottery ?
Special one , where reward will be 250 000$ .
How i do that ?
I will gain nick names of people who want take part .To every name i will asign a number .
Player with chosen Number wins the prize .
If somone want to take part , add replay here or msg me on Server .
When ? When i rech 750h . Winner will need to contact me within 24h or reward will go to someone else .
That's all . Good Luck .
Wining Number was 1. It's : DistrojerR690
Reward has be claimed .
Now invite everyone to come in next few days for 20 questions each 25 000$ .Good luck and Have Fun ^^