It's simple idea , that maybe will help in future Roleplaying , and maybe a bit interaction betwen players.
If you your character have one , share with others . If don't ,maybe you will think and got it .
Il start with my characters story .

Name: John Cathray
Age: 47
Before outbreak , John was a Sherif in small town Fort Carson . He was married and have two sons . He has 2 hobbys . Guns especialy Pump-Action Shotguns and Flying in planes . He even buy a WWII plane, and fix it to fly whenever he want .
His family died in first days of outbreak , blaming hiself that he cannot help them, from that strange creature . After ariving in Miltary Base , joined the Recon Team , becuse he has a Pilot Licence and working Plane .
About 3 months after the outbreak, while on normal patrol something shot down his airplane . Somehow survived the crash , and understand that , it was same creature that killed his family . Also he understand that he can't kill it alone .
After long recovery , he created the Divison . Group that collect pre-outbreak Soldiers , Police Officers ,New Borns* etc. , to fight arm to arm agianst dangerous of the wasteland , and portect those who can't .
He want to do one thing before death...... Kill that Creature .

I hope you like it , and somone will share his character story .
See you on battlefield .

New Born : Humans born after the outbreak