Make Zombies Great Again!

500000$ GiveAway !

Anything you want to talk about.
I am closing to 500 hours playied at this server , which mean i will giveaway 500k$ to random people.
I make it at 300 and 400h , so you can trust me .
From Monday to Friday this week [01.08 - 05.08]
Everyday there will be 10 Questions at random time . Each will be worth 10k .
There is no answer limit . You are able to answer for all ? Try your luck.
I wish everyone who want to try good luck cuse some of them will be realy hard.
Remember : [Probably] Faster Google User Wins [Yes it's allowed]
Each Question have time . From 1-3 mins each. If noone answer , Chance for 10k will be lost.
Well that's all from me.
Bye and Good Luck again -_o
:P Nice :P

Thanks to everyone who take part and answer for at least one of them.
Next will be when i rech 750h here , so not so fast .
Once more thanks , and i hope next time there will be more players .

Cya on the Battlefield