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What music do you like?

Anything you want to talk about.
MrDeath, edit it and make the letters/numbers after '=' only

Just a couple of songs, I will add more tomorrow, if I will have free time and I might upload a summer mix to YouTube. ;)
EDIT: nvm :D I managed to get it just tonight :D
I really like Deep house music and Future house music.

Like this:

My favorite song.
My brother is also in Deep House, It's really growing compared to the last 3 years!
what i like is a little random based what i think good

A Hero Emerge - Symphony of Specters
Hime Wa Rankiryuu Goikkou Sama - STARMARIE

im sure you can find one without the crowd sound
SenbonWeedu (edited "Senbon Zakura - Vocaloid")