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What music do you like?

Anything you want to talk about.
Hello, it's me again!

I have been very curious about which music you like, you can give us a youtube link or use [ youtube ] tags to add a video.
About me, I really love to listen to Hardstyle, Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre mixing influences from hard techno and hardcore. Hardstyle typically consists of a deep, hard-sounding kick drum, intense faded or reversed basslines accompanying the beat, a dissonant synth melody story telling, and detuned and distorted sounds. Just to give you people an example of how Hardstyle sounds like, this is the new anthem for the coming festival Defqon1!

As second i also like to listen to old school rap classics, everyone know some old school hiphop classics like songs from 2pac and Snoop Dogg. Here is one of my favorite song: King Tee - Played Like a Piano

I am very curious about your favorite music so please leave a post!

- Blizzard
This is one of the best songs.I love hearing it over and over.

Bring me the horizon makes quality songs.

As I said :P

For me, this is the best song made by Bring me the horizon dunno about your opinion tho

Look, just hear all of BMTH's songs.

Another one.

Quality song, better with remix.



You won't regret it ;)

This is when I started hearing Trap Nation

This is love <333

Mako is so great.


Heard this 2 days ago while hearing rock 181 fell in love in a second.



And this is the last one, I will post tomorrow again.
Cool that you shared your Music, thanks!

- Blizzard
Well i don't acutaly know but probably i am the only one on this server who listen to..... Vocaloids
Gumi , Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka . My 3 Favorite <3
Let's Start with Miku
I cry when i listen to this ;-;
When i make somethin Stupid :P
When i made something that hard that not many does 8-)
Time for Gumi
Not every Vocalioid song is in Japanese -_o
And an other English one . Btw Gumi voice sounds best in eng for me.
Now Luka
What was the Answer ?
:} No Comment
B... Favorite Song :|
There are Much More Vocaloids and Song's . Only Miku's Voice is usend in more then 200000
This is only small part of ,,Vocaloid Family"

If atleast one person will start listing to them by me il be very happy :D
Mayby i will add some more later but that later :|
Enjoy rest of the day with Neko Miku :3

Some interesting music genres Myrfin, thanks for sharing!

- Blizzard
I forget like always...
Interesting Fact
blizzard123 wrote:Some interesting music genres
Vocaloid are actualy only Artist's .Many People don't know that. Actual Genere depends on one who sing . Rock Pop Country Metal etc. Everyone will find something what he/she likes
Those what i show here are PoP/Rock

I myself don't really like hardstyle, but if I like this song, surely Blizz will. :)

I understand Russian enough to understand what it is saying, but you don't need to know Russian to like this song.

Fav song atm

House genre is my fav, just like my oldest brother's :D
Explod3 wrote:
I myself don't really like hardstyle, but if I like this song, surely Blizz will. :)
Ofcourse i know Da tweekaz - Bad Habit, it's pretty old allready but always cool to listen! I used to listen to Trap back in the days, cool to see someone else being interested in that sort of music. Also very interesting songs from you MrDeath!

- Blizzard

Sorry, I forgot this baby ;) .