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Reporting Guide

Report staff members who are abusing the rules here.
Welcome to the reporting guide!
In this guide I will explain how to correctly report a staff member.

Follow these steps:
1. Write the username of a staff member you are reporting.
2. Write what did the reported staff member do.
3. Post a screenshot or video proof.

If there is something more you want to know about reporting, feel free to ask.
what if a staff killed you and you had 200k in the past
Shephard wrote:what if a staff killed you and you had 200k in the past
If a player kills you you'll keep you're money
Player's can't actually kill each other unless they threw grenades near someone's car.
But as Blizzard said, you don't lose you're money when you die but you'll lose you're weapons.
If a player is trying to kill you and think he will repeat, you can ask to blizzard123 for "Spectate" you to see what the player is doing.

He can only punish the player if he see the player committing the irregularity.
You know i believe every admin should allocates time for spectating players to see who is breaking rules and who who is not