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Report staff members who are abusing the rules here.
I do not speak English very well so ..

well, friday (in Brazil) the TimonMi banned me for insult, i say to a random player (Gl4d0s) to shut up, now just want to know if that's a reason for ban two days? There are many players who speak worse, he sees and does not take any attitude
he banned me just because his friend told him

if I insulted anyone seriously for to ban a two days, i want it to show me a print screen
Report validated. Necessary actions will be taken.

i just wanted to say sorry. I know there are many people insulting much worse and i was trying to punish them. It's my fault. I should've checked if you insulted before/how bad you insulted. As _GLaD0S is my 2nd account, i was thinking it is Staff member insult wich can be punished much more than 2 days.

As you see, Drakath never lies (i lost Admin :? )
But don't feel guilty for me loosing admin, it was time anyways.

I hope you didn't lost much time being banned.
Solved, moved and locked