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Blizzard Has Muted me 1 day

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i dont know why.i not understand all i from indonesia but idk why he muted me i day i so panic.please admin Clear this problem :x
he has muted me 1 day idk why.i not understand all i from indonesia.i so panic and my friends there but i cannot speak :evil:
You can talk by local chat pressing "u" and private message pressing F1 or "/pm [player] [message]".
Where is the picture? are you sure you did not commit an irregularity?
[2015-07-30 16:21:13] CHAT: Blizzard123: Frichive, telling a Moderator what to do?!
[2015-07-30 16:21:20] CHAT: Frichive: sometime o do ****
Reason: Insulting Staff member(s)
you deserved it.
Atlast, Proof has been successfully shown. :D