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Okay first of all here is the whole story:
One day I was playing on ER and I got in a little conflict with one division member,soo I left Division and joined Blizzards squad (The Lone Wolfs)soo after about 3 days I got okay with the guy who got in conflict with.soo I joined Division again.After that I was peacefully playing for a bout a week then blizzard123 joined Division,and we were okay.Then 4 days or soo after that Shetu created new squad called PotatoSquad and blizzard123 joined it.Soo everything was ok for 2 days then the second day blizzard killed me from the back with sniper while I was killing nemesis.Then I said he is a scared cat cause he shot me from the back and I asked him if he wants 1v1 and he accepted soo, he won the first time I said GG then I asked him if he wants 1v1 sniper only and he won soo I said GG again.Then I spawned at V.I.P club and Warped to a newbie soo I can buy guns at the Desert Base after I warped to that newbie someone carjacked me in my car soo I despawned my car and locked it.And I said lol ***** in global chat (because I tricked the guy who was carjacking me) then blizzard left the server and I was playing and playing then blizzard joined again and randomly said:Well well antony insulting me heh?And I said I wasnt insulting you I only said you are a scared cat.Then he said I said f**k you to him and I didnt.Then he said I deserve a ban and I didnt do anything I didnt insult him.Then he asked you Drakath as he said for chat logs and he found when I said lol ***** then he said I said that to him but I said that to guy that was carjacking me.
I think he only should have muted me not banned me for 7 days.


Please,unban me I didnt do anything :( I cant wait to play on ER again..
You were un-banned. However you will be muted for harassing and disrespecting players, including staff members.
You saved me..Thank you drakath.
This problem has been solved.

Moved and locked.