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Chat Moderator: Retrospective

Report staff members who are abusing the rules here.
The only thing that is clear is that for Layth; Only he can make "jokes", if someone else does, he must be punished.
"***" unlike "culiao" is still an insult, and doing it for "memes" isn't going to change that. And everything could have been avoided if Layth had been muted by speaking English on the Spanish chat and not by insulting someone (which was good) No regrets.
Nothing more to add, continue with this report does not make sense, Nothing more on my part, I'll make me a coffee

If you're going to report a staff member over different things, please open several reports, otherwise we can't even understand what incident the defendant is exactly reporting or it's details.
Considering that the reporter has insufficient info regarding the language in which his evidence was posted, and poor knowledge of how penalties are issued, the defendant's allegations will be disregarded.
Topic locked.