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Using admin powers for silly things

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Hello there staff members!

I'm making this report about the admin Hoyt

He was going to do the mission K.A.C.C which is located in the PvP zone with other 2 players, SaaYr (fevzi or ficiars) and LucasFr

In the beginning he didn't want me to be there at the mission location, I killed SaaYr using a minigun, after that LucasFr exploded himself with me

I respawned in the PvP base and went to K.A.C.C again, just 2 minutes on my way to K.A.C.C and I saw SaaYr in Survivors list again (I think that doesn't prove he warped him)

And they left using a maverick

Proof 1, Spectating: He sent me a message warning me to leave the finish spot of the mission telling me that's not a joke and that he can play the mission without killing those players

Proof 2: Warping me without permission

I went to the mission marker to enter in

And I saw him again riding a maverick miles away, he saw me there and teleported me back to Base 1 (He pretended that SaaYr killed me and I got respawned there, but my default base is in PvP base)

I didn't care at all. After that I wrote the command /kill to warp to my PvP base

I went there and SaaYr killed me with a minigun

I respawned in my PvP base and went again there, I was going to enter the list to start the game but I was too late

They finished the mission and I followed SaaYr to kill him again, He did /logout, Hoyt and LucasFr left using a maverick and we started talking about this topic, he acts like nothing happened
Some pictures of the chat:

Thanks for viewing this


A staff member has made a reasonable request, which you have refused to comply with and consequently you were teleported out. There is nothing wrong with that.