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Grenade Thrower and Bad Word

Report players who broke the rules here.
Reason :throwing grenade to other player and their vehicle


Reason :bad word (look at the chat)
The player who threw grenades will not be banned because in order to get banned, he must throw a grenade at a vehicle that has players in it.
The other player will be muted.
Thanks for reporting.
so, he will banned if he throw grenade at a vehicle that has player in it. okay, but i get killed when he explode my vehicle because i close to my vehicle explosion.
and this is the other evidence for Rafael_bolado (the grenade is below the car)
note : woozie say a bad word (before nina2012 answer it with bad word to)
This picture still doesn't prove that he was the one who threw the grenade. You have to take a picture where he clearly throws it or record a video.