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Quick report

Report players who broke the rules here.
Two players: Rajman , Szajbus18

Speaking other languages.
Username: CptRoger

Reason: Asking people to type /pay CptRoger 200000 (I mean begging money).

Maltero13: he asks employed if someone gives him money
Without screenshots we will not believe that he want money.
Gasper28 just right now

Simply called everyone reatrded fucks because no one responded to his post
baran60, just right now

Come and tell me every time "Noob" "Noob"

Herakles guy insulting players

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Arabico constantly insulting everyone and also unnecessarily server newcomers ask questions and he swear immediately
godlee69 has said to in chat bad word and this not the first time this player always insults me i have a proof screenshot for his word if needed :|