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Bludorok bad words

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Bludorok has no respect no discipline he says too much badwords please mute him for some days
and he is only 12 years old and he says badwords man i dont know the kids anymore.
I reviewed the chat and as I can see, you started the fight. Bludorok will be muted but since you started the fight, I reviewed your older chat logs and saw that you have even insulted a Staff member, so you are banned.
If I may, he didn't "start" the conflict, me and bludorok started it back in february with the "drug war", since then he gave me a hard time, "brick" and "Shephard" are 2 of I don't know how many of people, that tried to stop bludorok from insulting me, wich made him insult them as well.
(To be fair, I'm not an "angel", I swore and insulted bludorok as well.)
what i dont instulted a Staff what the hell and how days got i banned ? when you dont unbann me i want my money back!
Why you want your money? :lol:
You can't get your money because you are banned now.
Do you know? If someone insult a staff member he will ban permanent.