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Derby the biggest problem on Epicrow.

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Welcome, I would like to tell you all something about Derby aka Stick and at the same time report his behavior, I was sitting quiet for so long enough and maybe that is the reason of his mental problems, he stalks people in their own chat room what is really weak and then he reports them unknowing what their messages meant using a translator xD and what can I say further, I think every single staff member can say something about it as everyone has been bothered by his warp requests, SMS and other things, I feel sorry for my friends the most who gets over 50 warps requests per day and SMS and when he does not respond that guy is looking for him for over the whole map what is not normal. Furthermore he acts like a moderator while not being one even when staff members are online he constantly writes "stop it", " do not do it", my god even when a normal discussion is happening in the chat he always writes to stop it, when he was a moderator, nobody would say anything in the english chat because they would not be able to do so, in addition I want to say that he has evaded a punishment by purchasing a new PC what I think should be restored. I do not send screenshots but like I said staff members and players can say something about it I think their words are more important than some screenshots 🙂

Greetings. Szydłoś.
If you don't want this player to message you then block them. As for stalking, you did not provide any evidence and the feedback from staff members is that you are the one causing issues.
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