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When I was Scammed, the player was still conscious, running:
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This afternoon I was buying coins from another player, and what happened to "xD4" happened to me again
(player who also cheated me, report that you can see on Discord)

I buy coins from him and he just ignored me later. In both videos it is evident that the player was online. I hope this player can be punished and my lost money (5.5m oioi33 - 5m xD4) can be restored. the same with the same people who were scammed by these people.
Parts of the video are cut out, can you provide the full video or screenshot of the conversation in ERPhone?
But that part was only to wait for an answer, if you realize the time was not long sir
Retrospective wrote:
Sun Mar 07, 2021 6:41 pm
But that part was only to wait for an answer, if you realize the time was not long sir
That wasn't my question, I'm asking whether you have the full unedited video.
No sir, the video comes as you see it..
But there is other evidence and there are no cuts, please, I want to recover what I lost, see the new topic in the category of players reports, there is irrefutable evidence.
Sir, sorry for the mistake, it won't happen again.
here's a complete piece of evidence. matking confesses that he was the one who scammed me, confessed it and at the same time blackmailed me.

Thank you, the defendant has been found guilty and was punished. A sum of 5500000 in-game cash will be refunded to your account in the next 24 hours.
Topic locked.