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Iskander again trying to flip a tank + bothering others.

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06 / 10 / 2020
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I was quiet with my friends at the base, Iskander saw us, and as soon as he saw the tank he went to annoy us, insult us and step straight out his monster and try to turn the tank, I also hit me with his monster, I almost turned my Vortex too.
Already when we told him that we had taken pictures he stopped bothering with his monster and went to try to take BenjaDAX out of his tank and me out of my Vortex, he also got into the cars to hit them or take out the drivers.
In my case he climbed up my vortex and started to perform sexual positions, getting uncomfortable me and bothering me a lot. Then I got out of my Vortex and stole it from him. Fortunately I was able to hide it before he threw it into the hole at the base of area 69.
My tank :(
that time when i'm stopped with Monster BenjaDAX come to me with his Rhino and when i'm driving you come to me tell the truth and stop lie and how the Rhino will get flipped and i'm up it?
The evidence does not depict the defendant trying to flip the Rhino. Considering that this issue is already resolved in one of the recent updates, this topic will be locked.