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hello epic row people

I hope you are well, a few days ago on the epic server we were playing pvp when the user named `` Hatred '' entered and after several minutes playing it was the only user who did not die and decided to record a video which It is clearly seen when I hit him 2-3 times in the head with the shotgun, while he is aiming with his sniper and his life does not flinch, several times it has already passed.
please check the video and give your opinion on it.

and to say that it is using morphine or dex I don't think so since it doesn't matter if you load morphine, it can still give you headshot

att: diegonievesantonio
Check your ping before coming to PvP. The same goes for you. Even though you stand still, you do not die even though I hit the your head. Your ping is always 300-400-500 or more. Everybody knows this. Please check your ping in your own video.
I don't think so since they play with other users with less ping than you and they die like nothing
I want to withdraw the report against Hatred
Hatred is simply better, And you report him because he killed you, If I were to do like you, I would have written 500 reports on him, It is simply better, and has better ping which makes it easier for him.