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kaan1 stoled my all money !

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iam boss123 kaan1 stoled my all money !
for coins he said me he give me coins in 2.5m and i send money and he said iam not giving :(
iam nothing without my money !
i have some proof !

Okay, post your console.log using and we'll review it.
yes pls punnish him and i want my 2.5m back pls !
Trading is at your own risk, we do not recover any items you may have lost. If you want the player to be punished, post the screenshot or chat log where the reported player explicitly says that they will send you the Coins.

Now bro ! see i have this SS And i cannot get coins and my money back I dont know why he cheat me !
Post your chat log. MTA San Andreas 1.5 > MTA > logs > console.log in this site:

Or this topic will be locked.