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Throwning rockets.

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Hi, ALKING shot me rockets and insult my mother.
screenshots = proof
Report player : ALKING
There is nothing in these pictures, in the first one where u claim he insulted you I only see the word mother kid, which doesn't even mean anything aren't we all our mother's children.
In the second screen where ypu claim he shot you with a rocket, there is no rocket projectile in the picture and you are in the air with a jetpack, after the update you can only toggle jetpacks when you are on ground, which means he just wasted his rocket to. See you fly.
There's not enough reason in these pictures, so the player will not be punished but it if does try to pull something like this again, you straight contact any mod or admin online and if there aren't any, you can capture ss with enough exposure to lets us punish him.