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Qsrawi Cheating

Report players who broke the rules here.
he told me send 3.5 million he said I will send you 400 coins but he did not send
The dishonest scheme used by the perp in this scenario is called a scam,you will have to provide proof, like screenshots, a video or log file of when that event took place, the player will also be added to a blacklist and will be punished with severe consequences if he/she continues to do so.
if i am right i can get my money back
Do you have a screenshot of when he asked you for money, and when you sent it?
there is no other image but
but the screen image first asked for the money
you can look at that player's money
You have to provide screenshots of the reported player telling you that he will give you something in exchange for something else.
Report closed because of insufficient proof.