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Report players who broke the rules here.
Note: The Writer Of This Topic Is -X- , The Elder Brother Of -S-, That's Because English Is Not Our Primary Language :D , Thanks.

Hello Everyone,
Anyway, That Player Who Called Himself streetboss Insulted My Brother (-S-) Yesterday.
Here Are Some Screenshots :-

That's Because He Didn't Buy His Drugs.

Also, He Asked My Brother To Give Him The Password (As My Brother Said) But My Brother Couldn't Catch It In The Screenshot :-

He Asked My Brother To Tell Him His Password And He'll Give Him 9 Million Dollar (As Seen In The Pic Above).
Thanks For Your Time, I Hope My English Is Good Now, I'm At The Age Of 16 (-X-), My Bro Is 11 (-S-).
Report confirmed.
Reason: Scamming/Flamming.
Punishment: 7 days of banniment.

Thank you for your report.

The accused may open a topic of appeal in this same area.