Make Zombies Great Again!

marazali99 the thief

Report players who broke the rules here.
he wait for the finish at chiliad mountain !

Everyday ! no courage, exactly like mutantgiller

it is allowed to wait like this?

im angry :(

sorry for my bad english
thank you.




Very long ago i post similar report about thief , but it was about Eroin .
As i remember they mean staff ,,we can't do anything about him , player is free to finish chargex / nemesis" .
Maybe something changed ? Or just make DMG finish only . Who make biggest DMG or Dps .
I don't fully understand to be honest.
He waited for the last finishing move?
So he claims the rewards and gets the honor of killing the boss?

Talked with other staff members about this and we came with the conclusion:

This is not against the rules and we know this might be annoying but this not prohibited to do.
Complaint denied.