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Report players who broke the rules here.
Herakles23 was found griefing and swearing in the main chat . first he tried to push me and my squad mate mo7trf of the platform (multiple times) for no reason at all.And then he was found cursing foul language to a random player. This type of behaviour should not be tolerated in this community so i request to ban him .

Some screen shots;

That quoting ,,F**k you B**ch"on second ss was to me .
I was driving a truck and he was trying to steal it .
Saw him griefing before.
Flaming/insulting is confirmed.

Waiting for admins to reply.
The player was muted. Your screenshots do no show any proof of him griefing.
Drakath wrote:The player was muted. Your screenshots do no show any proof of him griefing.
As you can see in the first photo he was in his chopper coming towards me he was trying to knok me off from there with the chopper's blades he has done it multiple times i was trying to stop him by warning him to stop or else i will report but he still did it
i was just not able to capture the screen shot at the exact moment but u gotta believe me or ask mo7trf this guy is griefing ,and he had done it in the past too but still if u don't believe me i will get more screenshots.
look at this just moments ago he just logged in came to chargex stole my chargex kill then knocked me off the mountain and killed me .

pls ban this A-hole i hate him
To help you with your frustration, I have released an update that prevents players from hurting each other with helicopter blades.