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So i came in the server, talking with streetboss, a newbie Sizili messages me 'congrats' i said for what? he said you have won 500k in lottery of VIPs, he said go to this link '{Link removed}' as i went in that link, it asked for ingame username and password, i did it then went to game, he said come after 1 min, when i joined after 1 min, there was a player named FACE18G already ingame. and he deleted my ID, Thanks for streetboss for taking screenshots, they are not clear but able to read.
Some proofs
You filled in your username and pass?
I guess you've been pretty dumb by using the link anyways, I do suggest you to never open up any links given you which you don't trust. Since I can not check the IPs and stuff I can't really deal with this. You'll have to wait till Drakath replies to this.

- Blizzard
When I opened the link it came some what like this
I thought it is official prom epic row
,,Staff will never ask you for Login and Password"
Guess that rule is here too .
If you will somehow get a free vip [like from begin a Lang Moderator] , i think owner will change you acc privileges in near future. At least i think thats how it work .
Never fill in your pass and username on such sites.

For now waiting for admins.
An account with username 'Sizili', does not exist and unless I missed something, none of your screenshots show anyone sending any links to you. Regarding the phishing website, you should read this:
Keeping this unlocked for 2 more days.
Within those days you are able to provide proof if you have those.
As Drakath said, This player does not exist.

Unlocked till 11-10-2016
Just tell me from where to find the logs, ill give the proof.
FACE18G wrote:Just tell me from where to find the logs, ill give the proof.
You'll find your MTA logs in your folder of MTA.
Do you know where this is located on your pc?