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Lucy-Sama provocations, REC:)

Report players who broke the rules here.
Okay, as I am slowly pissing off the behavior of a certain person, I would like to submit a petition here, which anyone can subscribe to whether or not, I called the petition "Lucy-Sama provocations, REC :)", as everyone knows that we have on the stump with me, I will add that I am not saint, because I got many punishments because of her provocations, but let's focus on her provocations. Lucy herself has about 2.6k hours in the game, and she can't close the car, it is known that new players will want to steal in the end they play multi THEFT AUTO, when someone gets into her car, she records it and sends reports which end with punishment because someone threw her out of the car that can close the drama, just as someone accidentally hits her in the car, she doesn't take anything but she has to report it, she always provokes players by writing that someone is a kid nub, etc., she also takes new players on a pvp car and kills them, which is not cool behavior, especially since our beloved Lucy applied to Spanish Mod, I would like to see it already, someone will write hola amigos-Mute Permanent, I also noticed that she often griefs people, and then how they respond, reports and here they are guilty because they have no evidence, she recently jumped on the rhodotsky helicopter by itself and reported it, fortunately I recorded this moment and it went without punishment, and so ending this topic, I'm behind the mute for Lucy for a long time, or ban her to learn to play multiplayer.
The post is open anyone can express their opinion as I wrote, and best regards.
That's no secret they keeps talking about everyone on the spanish chat, Lucy-Sama and Tsunamy1990 keeps talking about everyone and making fun of them, including me and the previous moderator "Randy" also telling lies to make fun of me, what is considered as a childish behavior

You can see on those pictures they keeps talking about others

Also I once followed Lucy-Sama and she told me that she records that, but i have no evidence proves that action
Stealing other cars is not a reason to report it's GTA at all , but i think she was acting good those days , I don't recommend Lucy-Sama to be a mod ,
This we be bad to some people who do something to her.
I think Lucy-Sama is a pure person who provokes people and thinks she is right. No other reason is needed to quit the game when she get permissions on the server.

In this post, you can see that she is an rude person who insults players a lot with a good amount of evidences
Insulting, begging people for money, calling others rats and yeah
Yes this player has been underestimating other players more recently. Killing newbies in pvp, Insulting,etc. She also did me wrong many times. Even I forgived her many times and also asked her to shake hands and be friends without having any kind of argues again but she didn't say anything. P.s. She hates everyone and does not care about others. :)

Cooleddie305 :)
First happening Lucy-Sama is male and he is reporting players because he gets disturbed. Stop talking about him. Cooleddie305; it's PVP, so he can kill everybody.
Although I only play for 8 hours, Mrs. Lucy has already got over my skin, called me noob, and killed me also on pvp, I'm in favor for a ban for her
He can kill all in PVP, gpiotr
I caught Lucy-Sama bullying a player by telling him to cry