This release features overhauled zombie AI, a new type of enemy and many other improvements and bug fixes.

General changes
Minimum Nemesis damage for reward has been reduced to 250.
Bosses are no longer immune to grenades.
Global and local walkers will now use the same skins.
Bombers no longer spawn in Restricted Area to prevent newbies from dying.
New zombie fighting and female zombie sounds were added.

Bug fixes
Local zombies spawning in safezones.
Camera alerting zombies.
Global zombies targeting players that are in other dimensions.
Global walkers not chasing players in stealth mode sometimes.

Zombies will now act more realistically. Instead of instantly knowing where the players are, they will search for them. Zombies will attempt to investigate the sounds they hear. Zombies in alerted zones will still be able to target players instantly. After a target gets out of their sight for a period of time, which depends on whether the zone is alerted, zombies will lose their current target.
Fighting mechanics have also been worked on. Local walkers will now stop when being damaged. Some zombies can now become extra aggressive, which means they will start to chase their target much faster when they get close. Their aggressiveness factor depends on the time of the day. At daytime, there is 30% chance that a zombie will be aggressive, at nighttime (21:00 – 06:00), this chance increases to 50%.
Zombies will now react to being burned. Although this does not mean much since fire weapons are not available yet, but it may be in the future.
Chargex will now walk more often and will no longer walk out of the arena.

Crawlers (new enemy)
Crawlers are a new type of global zombie. At daytime, they hide under the ground in various shafts, tunnels and caves. During the night (21:00 – 06:00), they surface on the ground and hunt wandering humans. Crawlers mostly reside in Bone County, but may sometimes be stumbled upon in different areas as well. They are among the fastest enemies out there, sometimes surpassing the speed of humans. Crawlers are able to poison their targets with their stingers. Their main weakness is that they are rather fragile and will quickly die from a few shots.
Poison is a status effect that inflicts 5HP damage every 5 seconds.
Crawler rewards: $40-70, 5 XP.


ER-ZRPG v4.8.1:
Fixed various issues regarding zombies inside interiors.
Fixed Crawlers not being immune to head shots.
Increased Crawler spawn chance.