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Serial Banned

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
hi epic community,
Account name: pablo762
Serial or IP address: 048D3F7865B7E45047384E7BD96411F3
Forbidden or forbidden: forbidden
Reason for punishment: advertising
Length of punishment: the length of punishment is not shown there, so I can not tell you the length of punishment
Issuer of punishment (if known): I do not know
Date of punishment (if known): 02/25/2018 18:56
Explain why you think the punishment was not justified: I was talking to my squad that gave a rookie question in the chat when it was a helicopter. I said that the price ranged from 8,000 to 28,000 and the moment I sent I was disconnected unexpected reaction. Please, I did not make any kind of announcement just informing new players to get their doubts. Team Epic-Row, please accept my apologies also was my mistake for not reading the rules. I'm sorry and I do not intend to repeat. :|
Please help me, I'm almost a week waiting for an answer.
pablo762 wrote:
Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:11 pm
Forbidden or forbidden: forbidden
What's that? Why did you alter the appeal format text?
google translator error sorry.

Punishment "Ban or mute": Ban
Your ban was removed. Please avoid posting such things in the future.