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Serial Banned..

Got an unjustified ban or mute? Appeal it here.
hi Epic-row Community,
Account name: AMEEN
Serial or IP address: 71251AFB53A56257B252438ABF4C0802
Punishment: Ban or mute: Banned
Punishment reason: Advertising
Punishment length: punishment length is not shown there so i cant tell you punishment length
Punishment issuer (if known):i don't know
Punishment date (if known): 9-1-2018, 3:30 PM
Explain why do you think the punishment was not justified: I was killing chargex on that time after finished I was going to buy some ammo and then a player showed his money 5555555$ and then i just write "wow$ and suddenly i got banned from console i did not doing any advertising it was just by mistake and i wrote that Its my fault but I'm very Sorry i did not read help panel and it was a mistake..Unban me please :oops:
hello Drakath, if you think I'm using any hack that I often online in game the reason is this I'm using another PC but i want to use my own pc and play there my pc serial is banned i posted on 9-2-2018 but 7 days passed but no answer.. I'm waiting for your answer :cry: :cry: :|
Your ban has been lifted. Avoid posting such things in the future.