Land vehicle prices were altered according to GTA:SA vehicle monetary values.

Ambient vehicles can now be claimed as your main vehicle for half of the original vehicle's price.
To claim an ambient vehicle, drive on any vehicle shop marker and a button with text "Claim (Price)" will appear. This will replace your current vehicle. This does not apply to every vehicle.

Added a 5 minute delay before an abandoned ambient vehicle is automatically destroyed.
This will fix an issue where players would lose their vehicle if they for example enter a shop.

You can now open the hood or trunk of the vehicle by stepping near it and pressing the 'x' key.
This might not work for heavy vehicles such as trucks. To solve this issue, enter the vehicle and type '/vehicle open' to open/close the hood.

A new item called repair kit has been added.
This item can be used to fully repair any vehicle, including but not limited to aircraft and boats, at any place.
This is also the first item that can be obtained by crafting.
The crafting recipe for vehicle repair kit is:
1x Exhaust pipe
1x Pedals
1x Bumper

These ingredients can be obtained by collecting scrap from ambient vehicles.
Only the ambient vehicles in good condition are eligible for being collected.
If the vehicle is not in good condition, you can fix it in Pay'n'Spray or by using the VIP panel and then collect the scrap from it.
To collect scrap from a vehicle, open the vehicle's hood and type in: '/veh salvage'.
When collecting scrap, you can get a random ingredient required to craft the repair kit. There is also a chance that you won't find anything.

In order to fix a vehicle using the repair kit, step near any vehicle and then use the item.
Due to this update increasing the usability of VIP vehicle fix feature, a 30 second delay timer has been added to it.

Fixed vehicle blip sometimes not being removed.
Some GUI changes were made.