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Hi Drakath or xGlover
I have some questions.1)How to use this command /mark [x,y,z] and 2)Can we find aircrafts in pvp zone ? because in pvp airport there is always a plane callled dodo..We can also go claim it.I want to know that can we find aircrafts in pvp ??
An aircraft what do you mean the plane dodo at lv Airport, its an aircraft. all the vehicles in heli shop are all aircrafts... Aircraft is a machine which has ability to fly, so there is already a aircraft dodo at lv Airport.
1) To you use /mark you need first get the position you want. So go to the position and type /getpos after that you'll get a position like "248 1386 23" and you can type "/mark 248 1386 23" and a blip will appear in your map.

2) You can find aircrafts around all the map but in certain places like airports.