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I'm leaving... this is the end... 2015-2020

Anything you want to talk about.
Welcome everyone...

This is my last post here on the forums...

I'm spending my last day in dear EpicRow...

I will miss everyone, also my old friends who spent my adventure on the server
Reasons: I wasn't a very good player on the server, everyone used to humiliate me on the PvP zone.
My squad was humiliated to hell and It didn't even get a roof to our squad base which makes everyone camp on us.
My account has been reset and got muted by diegonievesantonio and another player who haves 99,000,000$
All of my global moderator applies got rejected, in fact, I worked really hard on the applies
I was poor on the server with only about 3,000,000$, meanwhile other players haves about more than 10,000,000$ +
I made the tutorial videos as my chance to at least get better at the server, but I didn't get any single coin until now...

Special messages:

To GamingForEver: You were a very good friend, we created 'SIRIUS' together... It was the greatest squad I ever saw, we made some fights for silly reasons, but we are still friends
To CitizenZ: I served your squad a lot, you are not my General anymore... You are my trusty friend...
To Hatred: I enjoyed playing this server with you and GamingForEver a lot and doing PvP with you and yeah, you still a very good friend for me
To Derby: You were the perfect guy I met... You always used to warp me to nemesis and help me if I'm in need of stuff
To ab: The friend of the long road, The friend who takes care of you, the friend who always support you, the friend that you spent a lot with him <3
To iiFelix: We made the tutorial videos together, you trusted me and I trusted you
To Galactix: The guy who made me get my VIP status and helped me with many things, just like giving tips for my applications
To Randy: You are the one who understood my pain, you tried to make my happy in every way possible.
To Adeel: When I was poor on the server, you gave me 200k to support me to stay on the server...
To fevzi: An old friend who never accepted to make me disturbed or annoyed, we spent a lot of time together
To ramish: You always stayed 24/7 making my account better, and making it the best in any way that you can do
To Cooleddie305: He is my special friend, he didn't let me alone for a single second, he stayed with me the whole time supporting me
To babakadir08: You always used to be friendly with me, I called you a betrayer, but you are one of my best friends
To DerbyY: He stayed in the server only because he found me online at the server and he told me that he can't stay in the server anymore because I will leave

From now on, I will only visit the server every month for about 10 minutes, just like GamingForEver
I will let all of you know when I will connect to the server so I can visit all of my friends in EpicRow
This is the end, I won't stay online at the server like normal
And from this date, I will spend my last day on the server to just say goodbye to my friends

About my account, I will leave it abandoned without any player taking care of it

But I will stay on the discord channel

Your best friend

Kid got rekt, get position :P
good bye Layth :/
It's sad to see you leaving the server, remember that I'll always be here if you need it, and stay strong Layth, you are a good person. Don't let comments affect you,
See you later.
It will be boring for me too at this server if you leave. I used to play PvP always from a long time before bcoz you, now all will be boring.
Hopefully you will return,
You're friend
Am I disturbing/annoying you?
fevzi wrote:
Sun Jul 05, 2020 6:56 am
Am I disturbing/annoying you?
I meant by that, you don't let others disturb me
Awww <3
Goodbye, Layth. Let's do those inevitable battles with you again if you come back.

Susan334 '=Kairos