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What did Abbas said?
icesaad and -X- stop making posts here.
1.If someone threw grenades on -s-'s car,then you or -s- should've maken a screen shot instead of him throwing grenades back.
2.I heard something really diffrent happened.Since players can't damage other cars anymore,I guess it's ok to shoot rockets or throw grenades at a car if nobody is close to it.
3.What I heard is that Blizzard123 shot at your car when you and probably everyother one was at least 5<->10m away from your car.
4.I don't think any of us (me,too) have to discuss about this since you,-S- or Blizzard dont have any proof,with proof I mean screen shots or a video,of doing anything.
5.So if it is like that then I guess this thread has to be loked or deleted unless you have something to say.
Done locking this topic!
Reason: making this already answered topic a place to fight...